I'm Kisa. I'm 21, and I have six AIBOs of my own. I like researching old tech and sewing outfits for my robot dogs.

MY DOGS: Jodie ERS 311 (custom painted white/pink St. Bernard, gay for Makie) Cindy ERS-210 (custom painted red/pink Bull Terrier; greeter at Four Seasons San Francisco; came with two A2 VR Demo sticks, "repaired" by Yaba) Takara ERS-111 (literal ball of sunshine and mahou shoujo addict) Natsume ERS-7M2 (loves his grandma more than his actual ma) Makie ERS 312B (only cares about two things: pink ball-chan, and her girlfriend Jodie) Quincy ERS-210 (hobbies: stealing Jodie's blanket, playing Fallout, and watching Neon Genesis Evangelion)

kisa #2970 on Discord

My other projects: