Troubleshooting (3x)

This page contains common troubleshooting methods for the ERS-31X.

Common Faults edit

Booting Issues edit

Batteries edit

If the AIBO won't boot up when the pause button is pressed, and instead plays a sad-sounding tune ("Toccata and Fugue", also commonly called "dracula tune"), the problem is likely the battery. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and that it is inserted correctly (sometimes removing and re-inserting the battery can help).

If AIBO still will not boot and continues to give this error tune, remember that Lithium Ion batteries can be dangerous if used improperly, and AIBO is refusing to boot as a safety measure. Look into getting the battery recelled or rebuilt by a professional.

Memory Sticks edit

If AIBO plays a sad tune that is not "Toccata and Fugue"/"dracula tune", the problem is likely the memory stick, which may be improperly formatted, corrupted, or otherwise not a valid memory stick that can be used with AIBO 31x. Please restore the memory stick from a backup.

Other Booting Issues edit

If AIBO suddenly stops playing the boot tune and shuts off while booting, the memory stick inserted is incompatible with AIBO 31x. Please check which memory stick is inserted.

When the pause button is pressed, if the battery locking mechanism immediately locks and then unlocks and the light goes off, it's indicative of a problem with AIBO's core.[1]

The video below exhibits an error tone indicative of a general hardware failure. Though the exact cause is not known, it is generally associated with more severe cases.

Legs edit

Hip slipping edit

It is common in the AIBO 31x to see legs that occasionally fail. This is characterized by a loud whirring sound and, sometimes, loss of balance or falling. The cause is a weak clutch in the AIBO's hip/shoulder joint that is slipping. Due to how frequently this problem can be seen in the AIBO 31x, it is not usually serious unless it is affecting AIBO to such a degree that it cannot stand up or walk properly.

"Kawaii Joint Syndrome" (KJS) edit

The other common issue with AIBO 31x legs is unusually loud or "squeaky"/"creaky" legs, from excessive wear and tear. The name comes from the Kawaii AIBO software, the most likely cuplrit, and KJS is most commonly seen in AIBOs that have been running Kawaii AIBO for an extended period of time. Kawaii AIBO is fast-moving and performs a variety of unusual and quirky skits that, while very enjoyable, can be harsh on an AIBO's joints.

References edit