Troubleshooting (1X)


This page contains common troubleshooting methods for the ERS-110 and ERS-111.

Common Faults[edit]


As with all AIBOs, batteries are rendered ‘dead’ when not maintained/left in storage over a period of decades. When an AIBO is in unconfirmed condition, this is usually the case. The solution is ‘recelling’, which adds extra cost. Refer to the ‘repair resources’ section.

Recelling the 1X batteries properly is a relatively recent discovery, and the technology is still developing. Recelled 1X batteries from Japan and the old repairman WolfBob are ‘hotswapped’ and do not have their electronics replaced. Currently, the Yaba/Bruce boards are built in such a way that they do not permit the AIBO to save data when the battery runs down. Data will only save if the dog is manually shut down before the battery goes completely flat.

Leg Recall[edit]

The ERS-110 was recalled by Sony when it was discovered that all four legs of the model would fail. The only way to ensure that the ERS-110 was serviced by Sony is to request the paperwork that accompanied the AIBO on its way back to the buyer. Most of these papers are long gone if the robot was actively played with. Evaluate your purchase carefully, and be thorough.


While not necessarily a harmful fault, the ears of the ERS-110 and 111 have decomposed over the years. It’s a given that the AIBO’s ears will be partially broken or entirely detached without reconstruction.