Robope was a fansite and unofficial fan-run Japanese clothing and accessory manufacturer for Sony AIBO. Their site can still be accessed at although it is entirely in japanese and no longer being updated.


Robope made and sold AIBO clothing (Known as Robopeware®) from their website for 8000 yen, or around $80 usd. The clothing they sold is strikingly high in quality and is very sought after. It is completely safe to wear, even including a window in the back to allow the vents of an ers-11x AIBO to properly ventilate. This means it can be worn while the AIBO is running without any fear of overheating, which makes it very desirable for owners of this model.

Hakuba Metal Case[edit]

Robope, with the help of camera case manufaturer Hakuba, was also reposnible for the creation of the hard aluminum case for 11x. This product was originally a modified camera case, that with adjustments suggested by Robope, was able to be altered by Hakuba to fit an AIBO. Hakuba then began manufacturing these cases for aibowners to purchase through their site (Now defunct).

Robope Cutter[edit]

The "Robope Cutter" was Robope's answer to the lack of an official 11x limb removal tool. It was a small thin sheet of metal with a hole in one end to fit a keychain, and "Robope Cutter" printed on it in a simple sans serif font.