Party Mascot (1x)

Release date: n/a
Compatibility: ERS-110 and ERS-111
Software Type: Behavior Tables

Party Mascot is AIBOWARE for the ERS-110 and ERS-111.


Released alongside Hello AIBO! (1x), Party Mascot served as an alternative 'demo' personality for the core AIBO market. The software originally sold for $90 in the United States.


Party Mascot for the ERS-110 and ERS-111 allows AIBO owners to play 11 different games with their AIBO. To pick a game, press the corresponding button on AIBO's sound controller remote, or press a sequence of corresponding paw pad sensors. To confirm your choice with the sound controller remote, press SEND; to confirm your choice with the paw pad sensors, quickly tap the touch sensor on AIBO's head. To cancel, press the touch sensor for two seconds.

Game Modes[edit]

Song and Dance[edit]

AIBO sings and dances to one of six tunes: The Entertainer, Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree, Gymnopedie, Valse des Fleurs, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. With AIBO Performer Kit ERF-510/511, AIBO can perform three more tunes custom created by their owner.


Everyone gathers in a circle around AIBO. AIBO then spins around while playing music. When AIBO sits down and points their leg, the person AIBO is pointing to is the winner.


AIBO will move it's head and tail while flashing it's eye lights along with playing music. When the countdown runs out, AIBO strikes a pose. The timer is automatically set to 5 seconds. If you want to change the length of time to 10, 30, or 60, use the remote or paw sensors.

What's AIBO Hiding?[edit]

A piece of paper with a note written on it is hidden in AIBO's mouth. Guess what the note says to win the game.

AIBO Curling[edit]

Guess how many steps it takes AIBO to reach a goal.

Hunt the Ball[edit]

Two AIBOs compete to see who can reach AIBO's pink ball first.


Use the supplied orange, blue, and green colored cards to represent rock, paper, and scissors in a game against AIBO.

Reflex Game 1[edit]

Press AIBO's paws in sync with AIBO's eye lights.

Reflex Game 2[edit]

A more difficult version of Reflex Game 1.

Guess That Sound[edit]

Using the Sound Controller, press the button that corresponds to the sound AIBO makes.

Count Game[edit]

AIBO counts down to a specified time, and you must tap AIBO's head sensor when you think time is up.