My aibo

My aibo
Release date: January 11, 2018
Compatibility: ERS-1000

my aibo is the software that runs on all ERS-1000 models. It coincides with an app available on iOS, Android, and the web. For full functionality, it must be connected to the internet and a Sony ID, and it also must be renewed annually.


The software and corresponding apps were announced in August 2017 by Sony. The cloud service started on January 11, 2018 in Japan.


The software automatically syncs AIBO's data to Sony's servers through a Wi-Fi or LTE supplied by Docomo in Japan and AT&T in the United States. The software has been demonstrated to run without being connected to the Sony cloud, however updates and certain functionality (e.g. the app) are not available.


my aibo has met mixed reception. The app remains unstable after over a year on the market and continues to be described as buggy. The cloud-based nature of the app has raised concerns in regard to the longevity of the ERS-1000. Sony has presented no roadmap for support after the product has been retired.

In Japan, reception has been generally positive in contrast to western audiences.

Privacy concerns[edit]

The cloud-dependent functionality of my aibo and the ERS-1000 has raised overwhelming concern in the realm of privacy. AIBO's servers are hosted on Amazon S3 and the decision to connect to the cloud forces the user to consider whether or not they trust involved corporations with their data. In Illinois, law limiting collection of biometric data prevented the robot from being sold in the region.