Language Patching

Editing your memory stick can cause permanent errors. Always back up your memory stick before tampering with it.

Language Patching[edit]

This is a guide on how to patch a memory stick so that an AIBO can understand commands in a different language. This page assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to read from and write to a memory stick.

Video Guide[edit]

The below article summarizes this video guide in writing.


  • SONY-brand memory stick reader
  • Software image in the desired language

NOTE: The software image MUST be exactly the same as the one currently on the memory stick. Copying files from one software to a different software will not work.

  • Optional: AIBO Browser/ABrowser23

ERS-210, ERS-220, and ERS-31x[edit]

Once you have your current memory stick open, and your image of the same software in your desired language, you will need to replace the following files on the memory stick with the ones from the image:


Either remove the previously existing files before placing the new ones in the folders, or overwrite them. All of these exact files must be replaced or this will not work.

  • Optional Step: Open your memory stick using AIBO Browser. Under "Summary", you should see that your memory stick is now in the desired language.

Once everything is completed, safely remove the memory stick from the reader and try booting your AIBO with it. Once your AIBO has booted, try giving it some simple commands in the language you chose to patch it with. If you were successful, you should see your AIBO give the correct response. If your AIBO does not boot and instead plays an error tone, you may have put the files in the wrong place or otherwise modified the memory stick incorrectly.

Handy Viewer for 31X[edit]

The Handy Viewer does have English input but it is very limited. There were hacks to patch the entire Handy Viewer into English. However they were very fickle and this process bricked a few Handy Viewers so it was never publicly released.


If you are patching an ERS-7, follow the directions above, but the files that need to be replaced differ slightly. Replace the files below on the memory stick with the ones from your image:

  • Information goes here.