Kawaii AIBO

Kawaii AIBO
Release date: n/a
Compatibility: ERS-311, ERS-312, ERS-31L
Software Type: Behavior Tables

Kawaii AIBO is Bluetooth-compatible AIBOWARE for the ERS-311, ERS-312, and ERS-31L models.


Kawaii AIBO was only available in Japan.


Kawaii AIBO is an autonomous AIBO personality known for its unique performances including handstands, rolling over, and "washing the floor". A Bluetooth-compatible AIBO using Kawaii AIBO can also communicate with you through the Handy Viewer. It is also capable of facial recognition.

Kawaii AIBO's functionality, while entertaining, caused extended stress on AIBO's servos. Long-term use of the software is known to cause KJS, or Kawaii Joint Syndrome, referring to a repeated clicking paired with abnormally loud motor noise.


The software was received generally well by western AIBOwners, even becoming the favorite software of many. The discovery of its negative affects on AIBO motors surfaced years after the software's release and has since adapted a negative connotation. Still, the software is fondly remembered for its unique take on AIBO software development and behavior.


PDF Manual


Kawaii AIBO is the only AIBOWARE with blue text on the label.