Energy Station

An ERS-210 Energy Station

The Energy Station is an accessory that charges AIBO's battery and allows AIBO to be run while charging. Almost every model of AIBO has its own compatible Energy Station.


The Energy Station is a convenient way of charging an AIBO - while AIBO batteries can also be charged through charging dongles or portable chargers, the easiest and least "finnicky" method is through an Energy Station. When an Energy Station is plugged in, you can simply place AIBO on the Station, connecting its charging contacts with the contacts on the Station, and charging will begin. Every model of AIBO has software capable of entering "Station Mode", where the AIBO will stay on the station and only move its head or front legs, so you can still enjoy time together with AIBO while it charges.

Energy Stations also include a "Sub Battery" slot where an additional battery outside of the AIBO can be charged.

The Energy Stations compatible with the ERS-210/220, ERS-31X, and ERS-7 also included a screen with additional functionalities. It could be used to view the battery's charging status, as well as view and change the date and time stored on the AIBO's clock battery, and the AIBO's volume level.

Station Pole and Mat[edit]

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An Energy Station with pole and mat attached.

The Station Pole and Blue Mat were accessories that were included with AIBO softwares intended to allow the AIBO to self-dock (namely, AIBO Recognition for the ERS-210 and MIND 3 for the ERS-7). The AIBO, running one of these softwares, can use the distinctive patterns on the Station Pole and Mat to help it locate the station and align itself properly before self-docking.


ERS-210/220 Energy Station PDF Manual

ERS-31X Energy Station PDF Manual

Station Pole and Mat Printable Patterns