The ERS-1100 is a developer edition of the ERS-110, notable for it's use in RoboCup competitions and various non-consumer deployments.

Entertainment Robot Development Tool
Release date: None
Discontinued: None
Units produced: Unknown

History edit

Although the ERS-1100 was not mass-produced or sold to consumers, the units did, eventually, trickle down into the hands of collectors. Some of the earliest examples of the ERS-1100's use can be seen in Sony's demonstration of robocup gameplay at the first AIBO convention in Japan. The robots continued to be used into the early 2000's.

The ERS-1100 first entered the community sphere in Germany. See LuckyTom's posts in the aibo-freunde forums.

Function edit

The dog was identical to it's previous revision, with the exception of USB and camera output on the back of the unit. A LAN card and associated antenna was also included in the ERS-1100 package.

Gallery edit