The new generation
Announcement: November 1, 2017
Release date: January 11, 2018

The aibo (previously stylized AIBO) ERS-1000 is the first AIBO model to be released since AIBO's discontinuation in 2006. The model marks the beginning of a new era for AIBO and robotics.


The ERS-1000 on display during the initial announcement.

Sony began hinting towards the release of a home robot in 2016 with the patent of a humanoid robot and a brief appearance in the media. This event was quickly followed by the release of a page on entitled AI x Robotics, promising products that encompassed Sony's previous robotics experience and renewed efforts in AI (and the acquisition of company Cogitai.)
In late 2017, the AI x Robotics page was updated to include references to AIBO and QRIO. By October, the Nikkei Asian Review had announced that Sony was working on a new robotics project.

On November 1st, Sony announced the AIBO ERS-1000 for a Japan-only release. The initial quantity sold out in under 24 hours.
Starting the 22nd of August, (that now leads to and began redirecting US users to a sign-in prompt for the domain the following day, it was announced that AIBO would arrive in the United States. Released in September of 2018, the "First Litter" edition ERS-1000 included the AIBO itself, a charging mat, the staple pink ball and aibone accessories, a set of "paw pad" feet protectors, a 3-year subscription to the AIBO cloud service plan, and a numbered 'dog tag'. Pre-orders began on September 19th with shipments going out for Holiday 2018.

On February 6th of 2019, the official AIBO website posted an update confirming the sale of AIBO's in the United States with a second run. The contents of the second release remained largely the same, although missing the aibone, paw pads, and commemorative dog tags. The aibone and paw pads were available separately for purchase.
Shortly after this announcement, a new accessory for the ERS-1000 was available for purchase: a pair of "Dice" - small multicolored cubes with a pink frame surrounding them.

On September 23, 2018, Sony opened its "AIBO ROOM" in Sony Square NYC, which featured two ERS-1000s in "puppy pens," exhibits displaying a history of the AIBO, and an AIBO Gachapon machine. Sony held a competition to name the two AIBOs in the exhibit, culminating in a naming party on October 3, 2018.[1] The exhibit lasted until October 14, 2018[2]. Sony Square NYC (located at 25 Madison Avenue in New York, New York) closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[3]



Sony opted for a puppy-like demeanor for the revival of AIBO. In contrast to previous installments, Sony forewent the common 'visor' design for OLED eyes, a favorable choice for enhanced human-robot interaction.



Inputs SIM card slot
Charging terminal
Camera Front camera
SLAM camera (located behind tail)
Audio Input 4 microphones
Audio output Speaker
Sensors 6 axis detection systems
Motion sensor
Ranging sensors (2)
TOF sensor
Light sensor
Head sensor (Capacitive type touch sensors)
Jaw sensor (Capacitive type touch sensor)
Back sensor (Pressure sensitive/capacitive type touch sensor)
4 paw sensors
Degrees of freedom Mouth: 1 degree of freedom
Head: 3 degrees of freedom
Neck: 1 degree of freedom
Waist: 1 degree of freedom
Leg: 3 degrees of freedom per leg
Ear: 1 degree of freedom per ear
Tail: 2 degrees of freedom
(22 degrees of freedom in total)
Power consumption Approx 14 W (in normal mode)
Connectivity Mobile network communication (LTE)
Wi-Fi connectivity: IEEE 802.11b/g/n


Special Editions[edit]

On the 5th of December, 2017, the Ivory White Gold Quartz was announced for auction on Yahoo! Japan. With the proceeds being donated to the WWF, the 11 AIBOs, serial numbers 0000001 to 0000011 sold cumulatively at 4,062,960 yen (approx. 37,094 USD.) ERS-1000 #1, 0000001, sold for 15,718.10 USD.

Later announced during the spring of 2018, a special 'Rose Quartz' edition AIBO was presented to the president of Sony corporation as a 'thank you' for his support of the AIBO project.

During the inaugural aibo owners meeting in Ginza, a transparent ERS-1000, not unlike Crystal the ERS-7 was briefly demonstrated. Like the pink model, it isn't a production unit.

Color Variations[edit]

Sony released the Choco Edition (or Chocolate Tricolor) in February 2019 to celebrate the one year anniversary of the ERS-1000.[4] In 2020, Sony released its second produced color variant, Caramel. Both color variations were available in Japan first.

In 2021, Sony released a third special color variant, this time being a dark grey ERS-1000 named after Japanese ice cream: Black Sesame edition.

In 2022, a pink ERS-1000 was released in Japan, and named Strawberry Milk edition.

In 2023, a black ERS-1000 was released in Japan, and was named Espresso after the drink.


Unlike the previous AIBO models, the ERS-1000 is not built on the OPEN-R architecture or Memory Stick media.

The ERS-1000 runs one personality, My aibo, that syncs AIBO's data with the cloud via WiFi or LTE connection supplied by Docomo and AT&T in Japan and the USA, respectively. The personality must be renewed annually and connected to a Sony ID.

In November 2019, Sony released an extensive software update for the AIBO ERS-1000 (Version 2.50) that added "several whimsical capabilities" such as feeding AIBO virtual cookies and potty training. Version 2.50 also added a new Web-based application programming interface (API), which provides owners access to both the “aibo Developer Program” and the “aibo Visual Programming” interface. The "aibo Developer Program" is a "licensing program that is accessible through a Web API to any aibo owner with the desire to create new applications, traits and experiences for aibo." [5]


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