AIBO releases have historically been routinely discontinued when distribution of the product stopped.
In 2006, Sony officially discontinued the whole of the original AIBO brand following the announcement of the ERS-7M3/T. This announcement followed confusion between international branches of Sony as to whether or not the new color of the ERS-7 was special edition and available for a limited time or simply another standard offering in the product line. Sony promised 7 years of parts and service for each model as long as supplies lasted, with the exception of the ERS-110 and ERS-111 that already had service terminated in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

Model Breakdown edit

Model Name Color Product
Repair part stock avalibility Service
110 Series ERS-110 Aug 1999 5 years Aug 2004
ERS-111 /H Metallic Black Jun 2000 Jun 2005
ERS-111/W Gray Silver
210 Series ERS-210 /N Gold Apr 2002 7 years Apr 2009
ERS-210 /S Silver
ERS-210 /B Black
ERS-210 /D Orange Jul 2001 Jul 2008
ERS-210 /W White
ERS-210 /V Sapphire Violet Aug 2001 Aug 2008
ERS-210 /Y Mazeran Green
ERS-210 /WI Everest White
ERS-210A /N Gold Sep 2003 Sep 2010
ERS-210A /S Silver
ERS-210A /B Black
ERS-210A /R Burgundy (Holiday) Red Feb 2003 Feb 2010
ERS-210A /WJ Snow (Holiday) White
ERS-210A /LI Cyber Blue Jul 2003 Jul 2010
ERS-210A /Z My Select AIBO Mar 2003 Mar 2010
220 Series ERS-220 Jul 2002 7 years Jul 2009
ERS-220A Sep 2003 Sep 2010
ERS-220E1 Transformation Kit Dec 2001 Dec 2008
310 Series ERS-311 /C Ivory Apr 2002 7 years Apr 2009
ERS-212 /H Gray
ERS-311B /X Suede Touch Feb 2003 Feb 2010
ERS-311B /C Ivory Aug 2005 Aug 2012
ERS-312B /H Gray
ERS-31L Feb 2003 Feb 2010
7 Series ERS-7 /W Pearl White Sep 2004 7 years Sep 2011
ERS-7M2 /W Pearl White Sep 2005 Sep 2012
ERS-7M2 /B Pearl Black
ERS-7M3 /W Pearl White Mar 2006 Mar 2013
ERS-7M3 /B Pearl Black
ERS-7M3 /T Champagne/Honey Brown