Chatty Life

Chatty Life
Release date: n/a
Compatibility: ERS-31X
Software Type: Behavior Tables

Chatty Life is an AIBOware made by Sony for the ERS-31X series.


Released only in Japan, Chatty Life sends messages to the Handy Viewer to let the user know what the AIBO is thinking. Chatty Life closely resembles AIBO Life (3x) in that AIBO grows and develops over a series of life stages based on how it interacts with you and its surroundings; however, aside from the addition of Handy Viewer compatibility, there are a few key differences. Chatty Life's growth speed is said to be much faster than the original AIBO Life (3x) software, and AIBO's movements are faster, with the accompanying sounds sped up.


In the community, Chatty Life is described as a "happy medium" between the laid-back nature of AIBO Life (3x) and the hyperactive nature of Kawaii AIBO. It is fast and upbeat, but not to the extent that Kawaii AIBO is. However, the lack of an English release can make interaction with Chatty Life more limited for English-speakers.

For adults