Card Dog

Card Dog (110, 111)
Release date: n/a
Compatibility: ERS-110, ERS-111
Software Type: Behavior Tables

Card Dog is an AIBO-ware bundled with 28 corresponding playing cards and game mat. AIBO can play card games against another AIBO (ERS-110, ERS-111, ERS-210, ERS-210A) robot or against a human. Card Dog was created by Imaginia Co. Ltd. and Opus Co. Ltd.


Very little is known about Card Dog.


Five different game modes are included in Card Dog: addictive match, poker, nervous breakdown, blindfold blackjack, and Fudan volcano.

AIBO selects one of four different blood types which determine it's method of choosing cards and game judgement. Type A is 'punctual', Type B is 'capricious', Type O is 'my pace', and Type AB is 'oddball'.

As AIBO plays more rounds, it becomes more skilled.