Hello AIBO! Chatty

Hello AIBO! Chatty
Release date: 2001 or 2002
Compatibility: ERS-31X
Software Type: Behavior Tables

Hello AIBO! Chatty is an AIBOware made by Sony for the ERS-31X series.


Released only in Japan, Hello AIBO! Chatty sends messages to the Handy Viewer to let the user know what the AIBO is thinking. Similar to previous "Hello" softwares, Hello AIBO! Chatty is a permanently "adult" version of the Chatty Life software.


For the Suntory Lattes, released in 2002, the AIBOWare is essentially the same as Hello AIBO! Chatty, but they have a tropical-sounding boot tune and a skit. The skit consists of the AIBO playing a tune while they pop open a bottle and drink it.