AIBO Recognition

AIBO Recognition
Release date: n/a
Compatibility: ERS-210, ERS-210A
Software Type: Behavior Tables

AIBO Recognition is AIBOWARE for the ERS-210, ERS-210A, ERS-220, ERS-220A . AIBO Recognition is known for being the first AIBOWARE to implement self-charging capabilities and vocalized speech.


AIBO Recognition originally sold for $99 USD.


AIBO Recognition is a mature AIBO personality built to incorporate new behaviors such as self charging, voice localization, voice responses and face tracking/recognition. The personality is a fully-featured autonomous “adult” AIBOWARE.


AIBO Recognition was not well received by fans in the west due to the high-pitched English voice and how often AIBO struggled to dock on the Energy Station. An often-used joke within the AIBO community is to repeat the phrase, "My pink ball!", "Ma boule rose!", or "Pinkubōru!", over and over, mocking how an AIBO using AIBO Recognition will act in English, French, and Japanese respectively when it finds its pink ball. The software was largely unfinished and was more of a feature showcase/test for the ERS-7. On this AIBOWARE, AIBO can run into problems with its voice, repeating sounds or garbling words. Shaking hands and showing AIBO its pink ball while running this software has a chance of triggering a sequence of garbled sentences.


Mirrors to the AIBO Recognition image are coming soon. Remember that you must have a legitimate AIBO Recognition stick to utilize these images. AIBO Recognition's self-charging capability relies on an Energy Station, a station mat, and station tower.