ERF-310AW89E or J
Release date: n/a
Compatibility: ERS-31X
Software Type:

AIBO Pal SE is an AIBOware for the 31X series. This is an updated version of AIBO Pal that was released alongside the ERS-31L. AIBO Pal SE came in both Japanese and English versions.


In this software, AIBO can understand 62 commands.

Autonomous mode[edit]

AIBO moves around on its own. This is the default mode. When in autonomous mode, AIBO carries out actions based on its feelings or instincts. It will explore the room freely, react to its pink ball or moving objects, doze off when it is tired, and communicate with other AIBO. When AIBO finds something interesting, it may take a picture.

Happy mode[edit]

When AIBO has a joyful interaction with you or another AIBO while in autonomous mode, it may show that it loves you or another AIBO very much by entering Happy mode. Similar to the Boost mode seen in AIBO Explorer, an AIBO in Happy mode is experiencing a momentary and exciting burst of energy. While in Happy mode, AIBO's horn light will slowly flash in pink.

If you want AIBO to exit Happy mode, you can scold it. AIBO may be upset for a while but will quickly recover. When exiting Happy mode, AIBO may be tired for a while, but will be ready to play again soon.

Media Link mode[edit]

Media Link mode allows AIBO to respond interactively with a certain television program, through the AIBO Interactive Melody. When AIBO hears the Interactive Melody from the program, it will respond accordingly. It can be activated by saying "Media Link mode" to the AIBO, or pushing the tail switch to the left for three seconds.

The 23-episode television anime series Piroppo, along with some songs are the only media to date that was compatible with Media Link mode. The anime featured ERS-31X series AIBO as characters.

Rest mode[edit]

AIBO sits or lies down calmly and will not stand up or walk around. This is also often referred to in the community as "table mode". This mode is activated by pushing the tail switch to the right for 3 seconds, and once the mode is activated, AIBO will emit a tone and the mode indicator behind AIBO's horn light will light up. To return AIBO to autonomous mode, push the tail switch to the front for 3 seconds.

Sleep mode[edit]

AIBO will go to sleep on its own sometimes. During this time, the back light will fade in and out. When it has had enough rest, it will wake up on its own. You can manually put AIBO into sleep mode by saying "Good night" to it, or quickly turning the tail switch around in any direction 3 times; if you do this, AIBO will only wake up if you shake its body gently.


AIBO Pal SE is one of the most popular softwares for the 31X series in the western AIBO community. It is known for its frequent singing and dancing, as well as its generally cheerful disposition.


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