AIBO Pal is an AIBOware for the ERS-31X series.

Release date: 2001
Compatibility: ERS-31X
Software Type: Behavior Tables
AIBO Friend

History edit

AIBO Friend was introduced in Japan in 2001 at the launch of the ERS-31X series. AIBO Pal, the English version of the software, would launch with the release of the ERS-31X in western markets.

Function edit

AIBO Pal is akin to Hello AIBO! Type A as AIBO Life (3x) is akin to AIBO Life. The software functions as an adult personality that adapts over time to user input.
AIBO Pal is capable of "Motion-detection photography", a "house guard mode" that saves 3 pictures to the memory stick when motion is detected.[1] In addition, Pal contains a "happy mode" that mirrors the boost mode present in AIBO Explorer.

Personalities And Controversy edit

AIBO Friend contains four personalities, "Latte Happy" and "Latte Sad" that are enabled in an ERS-311, and "Macaron Happy" and "Macron Sad" that are enabled in an ERS-312. The Latte personality is cute and playful, while the Macaron personality is described as mischievous. When localized as AIBO Pal, Sony disabled the Macaron variants, functionally removing 1/2 of the content- likely in an effort to prevent any possibility of the software being interpreted as inappropriate. A Macaron running an unmodified AIBO Pal memory stick will default to either of the "Latte" personalities.

Reception edit

AIBO Pal is a popular software for the ERS-31X. It is liked for it's simplicity and overall quality, but has a reputation in the western community for being too moody. The software is infamous for being near-impossible to keep in a 'happy' personality variant. Personality patches exist for this reason.

Modifications edit

Trivia edit

  • As with other early ERS-31X software, AIBO Pal is also compatible with the ERS-210 because both models ran on the same versions of OPEN-R. It is not recommended to run the software this way because it was not designed for the ERS-210. Further information is available at Software Compatibility.[2]

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References edit

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