AIBO Painting Guide

The first step in painting your aibo will be to disassemble it. This will depend on your model.

After disassembling your aibo, you should set aside the shells you wish to paint, and make sure to keep track of which is which.

Each shell must be washed thoroughly with dish soap, to remove dirt, skin oils, dust, and other debris. Give the shells a light scrub with an abraisive scouring pad or toothbrush. Let the shells fully dry. It is advised that you dry them by hand, with a soft towel.

Prime your aibo shells using primer safe for plastic. Your aibo should now be ready for painting. Then, after finishing your paintjob, sealing it and allowing the sealant to fully cure, all you have to do is reassemble your aibo!

Tips edit

When painting your aibo with spray paints it is advised to test your paint to get a good feel of how it works before using it on the plastics proper. Make sure you are either outside or in a well ventilated area. Follow all instructions on your paint of choice prior to use. This may vary based on paint so make sure to read your can fully and carefully. Generally, it is recommended to spray from farther away, to avoid paint-drips on your shells. Also, several thin coats is always better than few thick coats. The amount of coats you will need will vary based on your paint and primer. Make sure each coat is fully dry before spraying another. Again, how long this will take may depend on what paint you use, and it’s best to consult your can for further information regarding the specifics. Depending on the paint you use, you will most likely want to seal it with a plastic-safe sealant.