AIBO Navigator 2

AIBO Navigator 2
Release date: 2001
Compatibility: ERS-210, ERS-210A, ERS-220, ERS-220A
Software Type:

Navigator 2 is a LAN based AIBOWARE for ERS-210 and ERS-220.

It is an improved version of AIBO Navigator.


Navigator 2 was a successor to AIBO Navigator. Navigator 2 initially sold for $149 USD.


The accompanying PC software for Navigator 2.

AIBO Navigator is a software for teleoperating AIBO- via LAN, the user controls AIBO and receives audiovisual feedback from the PC software. The user can command AIBO to play custom sounds, and custom actions if they also own Master Studio. Default actions are:

  • Walking
  • Operating the camera
  • Playing sounds
  • Playing back a motion
  • Playing with the ball
  • Turning on the headlight

Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick compatibility was available. The requirements for Navigator 2 are AIBO's wireless LAN PC card (ERA-201D1) and a IEEE802.11b compatible wireless LAN access point.