AIBO Life (3x)

This AIBOWARE focused page contains spoilers. Proceed with caution!
AIBO Life for ERS-310
ERF-310AW01E or J
Release date: 2001
Compatibility: ERS-311, ERS-312, ERS-31L
Software Type: Behavior Tables

AIBO Life (3x) is an AIBOware for the ERS-31X series.



In AIBO Life, AIBO grows as it lives with you, beginning as a newborn and growing through baby, child, and youth life stages before finally becoming an adult. AIBO's personality and character will change depending on how it interacts with both you and its surroundings.

The life stages AIBO matures through in this software are largely similar to previous AIBO Life softwares. However, the requirements for growth are altered; the hours AIBO must be awake in order to mature are calculated cumulatively, rather than being reset after each life stage. AIBO is fully matured after 180 hours or 60 days, making AIBO Life (3x) the version that takes the longest time to mature, compared to AIBO Life 2 (150 hours) and AIBO LIFE 1 (142.75 hours).[1]

Autonomous mode[edit]

AIBO moves around on its own. This is the default mode. When in autonomous mode, AIBO carries out actions based on its feelings or instincts. It will explore the room freely, react to its pink ball or moving objects, doze off when it is tired, and communicate with other AIBO.

Rest mode[edit]

AIBO sits or lies down calmly and will not stand up or walk around. This is also often referred to in the community as "table mode". This mode is activated by pushing the tail switch to the right for 3 seconds, and once the mode is activated, AIBO will emit a tone and the mode indicator behind AIBO's horn light will light up. To return AIBO to autonomous mode, push the tail switch to the front for 3 seconds.

Sleep mode[edit]

AIBO will go to sleep on its own sometimes. During this time, the back light will fade in and out. When it has had enough rest, it will wake up on its own. You can manually put AIBO into sleep mode by saying "Good night" to it, or quickly turning the tail switch around in any direction 3 times; if you do this, AIBO will only wake up if you shake its body gently.


AIBO Life (3x) has a reputation within the western community for being markedly more laid-back than other software for the ERS-31X.


  • This software is also "compatible" with the ERS-210 due to similarities in the core design shared with the ERS-31X. While it's not recommended to run the software this way because it was not designed for the ERS-210, it is technically possible.[2]


PDF Manual


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