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Release date: n/a
Compatibility: ERS-210, ERS-210A, ERS-220, ERS-220A
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AIBO Life is AIBOWARE for the ERS-210 series.


AIBO Life originally retailed for $89 in the United States and was among the first available softwares for the ERS-210 alongside Hello AIBO! Type A and Party Mascot. The spiritual successor to AIBOWARE (1x), it would continue to set the standard for "growth" type AIBOWARE releases. It comes in English or Japanese

It was followed by the release of AIBO Life 2.


AIBO Life enables AIBO to be raised from a newborn to an adult. How the owner treats AIBO can influence it's behavior and personality.

Evolution Parameters[edit]

Newborn to Baby

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Newborn Emotions AIBO and ball AIBO stands/listens

Child to Adult

Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 8 Stage 9
Playful Child Talking Child Studious Teen Cheerful Teen Sheltered Adult
Walking Child Performing Child Ball Playing Teen Ball Crazy Teen Nice Guy Adult
Cry Baby Teen Mischevious Teen Adventurer Adult
Selfish Adult

AIBO Life differentiates itself from previous "growing" softwares by introducing a day count- after a certain number of days in a stage have passed, AIBO forces evolution, regardless of whether or not the robot has passed the time count and accumulated enough experience points.

Evolution Rules[edit]

Newborn Stages[edit]

AIBO advances from Newborn to Baby 2 after 200 points and 1/4th hour or one day. Baby 2 advances to Baby 3 after 400 points and 1/2 hour or one day. Baby 3 advances to Baby 4 under the same circumstances.

Baby to Child[edit]

Baby 4 advances to either of the first Child stages after 1,200 points have been accumulated and 1.5 hours have passed, or after 1 day has been logged. The second wave of child stages occur after 16,000 experience points and 20 hours or 7 days of logged activity in the first child stage. Playful Child turns into Talking Child and Walking Child turns into Performing Child.

Child to Youth/Teen[edit]

Both final Child stages turn into Teens after 16,000 points and 20 hours and 7 days of logged activity as Talking Child or Performing Child. Talking Child evolves into Studious Teen or Ball Playing Teen, and Performing Child evolves into Ball Playing Teen or Cry Baby Teen.
The second wave of Teen stages occur after 40,000 points have been aggregated and 50 hours have been logged or after 14 days have been counted. Studious becomes Cheerful, Ball Playing becomes Ball Crazy, and Cry Baby becomes Mischievous.

Youth to Adult[edit]

A Cheerful Teen may evolve into Sheltered Adult or Nice Guy Adult, a Ball Crazy Teen may evolve into a Nice Guy Adult or an Adventurer Adult, and a Mischievous teen into an Adventurer Adult or a Selfish adult after 40,000 points and 50 hours or use or 14 logged days in the final Teen stage. This is the end of the evolution chain.


AIBO Life has been viewed positively since it's release. Certain users prefer the later rewrite, Life 2- but the software continues to hold it's own as a classic and timeless symbol of AIBO.


Mirrors to the AIBO Life image are coming soon. Remember that you must have a legitimate AIBO Life stick to utilize these images.