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ERF- 220AP08J
Release date: n/a
Compatibility: ERS-210, ERS-210A,
ERS-220, ERS-220A
Software Type: Behavior Tables

AIBO Eyes is LAN-based AIBOWARE for the ERS-210.The voice says “Aibo” in an echoing voice.


AIBO Eyes was released in 2003 as the last entry to the ERS-210's software library.


AIBO Eyes is AIBOWARE that "allows you to stay connected to, and monitor your home via AIBO". With AIBO Eyes, you can "send e-mail commands to AIBO to take pictures of what it sees, and AIBO will share these images (in JPEG format) with you via e-mail". AIBO can also snap photographs at customized intervals, check for new e-mails, deliver pre-recorded messages or songs (such as When the Saints Go Marching In or Ode to Joy). AIBO Eyes also has a limited range of autonomous behaviors, such as walking and chasing the pink ball.


AIBO Eyes sold generally poorly, being released at the end of the ERS-210's lifespan and shortly before the release of the ERS-7 and MIND 1. As a result, users really did not have much to say about AIBO Eyes- nobody owned it. Functionality from AIBO Eyes was reincorporated into MIND's AIBO Entertainment Player.


AIBO Eyes is a very uncommon AIBOWARE. At this time, a copy to download is unavailable. When AIBO Eyes is available, remember that you must have a legitimate AIBO Eyes stick, a broadband Internet Connection, a wireless router or access point with IEEE 802.11b connectivity, and an AIBO wireless LAN card (ERA-201D1) to utilize these images.