AIBO Explorer

Release date: n/a
Compatibility: ERS-210, ERS-210A, ERS-220, ERS-220A
Software Type: Behavior Tables

AIBO Explorer is a personality AIBOWARE for the ERS-210 and ERS-220.


Created to accompany the release of the ERS-220, AIBO Explorer initially sold for $80 USD. It was also available bundled with the AIBO Energy Station in a bundle called the AIBO Explorer Action Pack and sold for $199.95 USD.


AIBO Explorer is an autonomous and fully featured AIBO "personality" that begins development as an adult. The software is capable of recognizing 75 Voice Commands.


Autonomous Mode[edit]

The standard mode of operation present in all personality AIBOWARE. AIBO will act depending on its feelings and instincts, freely explore the room, and react to its pink ball.

Rest Mode[edit]

Rest Mode is enabled by pressing AIBO's back sensor for three seconds. AIBO will emit a tone and the mode indicator will light up. While in Rest Mode, AIBO will sit calmly or lie down, but will not stand up or walk around.

Boost Mode[edit]

A short burst of energy activated after a certain threshold is met, such as talking to AIBO often or letting AIBO talk to another AIBO. During Boost Mode, AIBO will perform a variety of enjoyable and unusual skits, make a lot of noise, and walk around with sound effects. If you scold AIBO during Boost Mode, it will become sad, but will exit Boost Mode and return to a normal state. AIBO will also feel tired after exiting Boost Mode, and won't be very chatty. AIBO will return back to its usual self after a while.

Surveillance Mode[edit]

AIBO takes photographs of detected motion and saves them to its Memory Stick. When you return AIBO to autonomous mode, you can ask AIBO "What happened?", and AIBO will respond positively if it saw something and took a photograph.

Action Training[edit]

Also present in AIBO Life 2, Action Training allows users to create their own skits for AIBO by registering motion to one of three command options- "ACTION ONE", "ACTION TWO", or "ACTION THREE". These actions are created by holding AIBO's front paws in the desired motions.

Action training returned in My aibo.

Melody Mode[edit]

In Melody Mode, AIBO acts as a musical instrument- akin to a theremin, the robot emits a tone in conjunction with a readout from it's IR sensor.

Recognition Compatibility[edit]

AIBOs using AIBO Explorer can communicate with other AIBOs using AIBO Explorer and AIBO Life 2.


AIBO Explorer is well-liked by fans for its active personality and solid variety of autonomous behavior. The Boost Mode was praised for being an entertaining addition.


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