AIBO Dancer

AIBO Dancer
Release date: n/a
Compatibility: ERS-210, ERS-210A
Software Type: Behavior tables

AIBO Dancer (ERF-210AW07) is AIBOWARE for the ERS-210 platform developed specifically for the United States market by the ERA.
The software was officially announced in November of 2002 on the US Club AIBO website.


AIBO Dancer is the first and only software to be developed by Entertainment Robot America. The software was developed with the US market in mind but was released in the EU during April of 2003. It is the only AIBOWARE to not be released in Japan.


AIBO Dancer is a "software application that will allow the AIBO Entertainment Robot to dance in time to music by detecting different musical beats." (Sony ERA) AIBO narrates and provides commentary during the dances and can groove to both built-in songs and music that you play from an external speaker.

Dance Modes[edit]

Autonomous: AIBO dances after detecting a beat.

Continuous: AIBO dances regardless of any beat. AIBO lets you know it is in continuous mode by blinking its eye lights and illuminating its mode indicator light.

To change from one mode to the other, simply press AIBO's back sensor for three seconds.


AIBO Dancer was received generally poorly, with the United States community criticizing it's lack of compatibility with the new ERS-220 and the older ERS-31X model (that had a notable lack of English software available.) Parallels were also drawn to the community software Disco AIBO. Users noted it's failure to truly match dance moves to the beat of a given song.


Mirrors to the AIBO Dancer image are coming soon. Remember that you must have a legitimate AIBO Dancer stick to utilize these images.